Our proven experience and personalized attention for each of our clients allow us to provide concrete answers and fully satisfy the mineralogical and mineral-chemical questions that arise throughout the different stages of a mining project.


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Offering a variety of services related to mining and metallurgy

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Geocronos is a company based in the VIII region of Chile composed of geologists. We specialize in services and consultancies in mining exploration, mineralogy, applied mineralogy and geometallurgy amongst other services. We have a long history of distinguished customers and have a network of strategic alliances enabling us to meet their requirements.

Excellence and Professional Experience

Geocronos was founded in 2006. Our professionals have extensive work experience studying rocks and minerals from different deposits and metallogenic environments, which allows us to provide comprehensive, competent and highly professional advice at all stages of a mining project.

Founded in the year


Guaranteed professional experience

We offer for your perusal the curriculum vitae of our chief geologist Miroslav Rodríguez Bakulic.

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We offer various services for mining and metallurgy, amongst which we highlight both greenfield and brownfield exploration, reflectance spectrometry, petrography and chalcography, thermometry of fluid inclusions, geometallurgy and mineral chemistry.

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