Our services in the field of mining exploration include the initial, generative and conceptual stages of an exploration project as well as the evaluation and follow-up stages of the project.

Mining Exploration Services

Geological surveys and the generation of lithological, alteration and structural maps.

Generation of exploration targets for Epithermal deposits, Porphyry copper, IOCG, Iron ore deposits and polymetallic deposits.

Evaluation of mining property in the north and central-south regions of Chile.

Interpretation of mineralogical associations of alteration.

Application of geochemical and geophysical methods.

Generation of metallogenic models.

Mapping and sampling.

Petrographic and chalcographic analysis of transparent polished sections with the support of analytical techniques such as X-Ray diffraction and Qemscan to identify problematic mineral phases.

Studies and analysis of mineral paragenesis.

Micro-thermometric studies of fluid inclusions which provides temperatures and salinity of fluids involved in mineralization process.

Geological Model of Exploration

The generation of a geological model of exploration is a crucial tool in the search for new targets. For this reason Geocronos has the specialists and the infrastructure to carry out comprehensive studies, in prospecting zones and/or deposits aiming to discover the mineralization and the evolution of the hydrothermal fluids.

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