Geocronos Geological Services

We specialize in services and consultations in mining exploration, mineralogy, applied mineralogy and geometallurgy.


Mining Exploration
We cover the initial, generative and conceptual stages as well as the evaluation and follow-up stages of exploration projects.


Geological Surveys
We specialize in geological surface surveys and in the generation of geological maps on a regional, district and local scale.


Petrography and Chalcography
Complete analysis of rock sections including a comprehensive description for the primary, metallic and alteration mineralogy as well as for the textures and modes of occurrence.


Applied Mineralogy
Analytical techniques which allow for a comprehensive study of prospects and deposits.


Aimed principally at resolving problems in the area of geometallurgy, we offer a comprehensive study for all types of samples.


We are able to provide the appropriate personnel to perform the different functions needed for exploration or mining projects.


Petrographic Preparations Laboratory
Preparation workshop for petrographic studies of rocks, cuttings (rock fragments) or powders/dust.

Our particular trademark is the personalized attention given to our clients so as to completely satisfy their requirements.

Miroslav Rodríguez Bakulic
Geologist/General Manager

Company with extensive experience in the field of geosciences. Founded by geologists in 2006.

Geological, Mineralogical and Mineral-chemical Services for Exploration, Mining and Metallurgy.

Our Clients

Since we set up our company we have carried out many geological consultations for businesses based both in Chile and abroad.